Vintage Reproductions.Spec-tacular Quality.

The unique frames we reproduce are hand-picked from the best styles
spanning the decades from the 1900s to the 1960s—some were even worn by celebrities!

Apart from a few special editions, Fabulous Fanny’s frames are made, polished and
finished by hand in durable, high quality acetate.

Barrel-cured for a perfect finish.

Each Fabulous Fanny’s frame is cured in a special bath, submerged in a wine-type barrel
with our “magic” solution & wood chips for up to 3 days. This process gives each frame the
extra strength and shine that will last years.

The best materials from around the world.

Our metal components are European quality and made from a combination of the world’s best
materials, including French monel screws, German stainless steel hinges and Japanese titanium nose pads.

Vintage style for modern life.

All of our products are optical quality and can be taken to any optical store to put in sunglass or
prescription lenses. Most actual vintage frames were much smaller than styles worn today, but modern people
are bigger, so many of our styles will come in small and medium. Vintage styles are usually designed
to fit closer to the face than current styles.

Fabulous Fanny’s Guarantee

Our frames are guaranteed for 1 year against damage or defects and can be returned within one month for
any reason for a full refund or exchange. Just call our customer service team for a return mailing ticket.

We hope you’ll have as much fun in our frames as we do making them for you!

Your Friends at Fabulous Fanny’s
Bob Hillman and Larry Bell